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To provide our clients with the assistance, direction, information, tools  and insights required to optimize their mineral, petroleum or environmental exploration program for success.

Company Profile

STRATAGEX LTD. is an internationally recognized geophysical consulting company based in Toronto, Ontario Canada, with substantial expertise in the design, application, management, processing and interpretation of geophysical surveys for discovery and delineation of mineral, petroleum and hydrologic resources. The company is known for its comprehensive experience across the spectrum of geophysical technology.

STRATAGEX' breadth of experience includes:

Recent activities have extended to include:

Mr. Jerry Roth, former Chief Geophysicist of AMAX Exploration, founded STRATAGEX LTD in 1984.  Since its inception, STRATAGEX LTD has completed over 500 consulting projects for private resource companies around the world, with a strong emphasison utilizing electrical and electromagnetic (EM) techniques in integrated exploration and evaluation programs.  Additionally, STRATAGEX LTD has provided senior management of private companies and public sector instituitions with guidance and advice as to overall geophysicial stratagies in support of various resource programs.

Over the past several years, since Mr. Robert Hearst joined the company as Senior Geophysicist, STRATAGEX LTD has expanded its capabilities to include data compilation, processing and modeling of magnetic, gravimetric, induced polarization (IP) and EM data.  Mr. Hearst has substantial experience in developing and delivering successful training programs in instrumentation operation, data management, processing and interpretation of geophysical, geochemical and geological information for both private industry and public instituitions.

Both Mr. Roth and Mr. Hearst have completed numerous projects in developing countries around the world and are quite experienced in successfully interacting with national counterparts with different cultural backgrounds.

STRATAGEX LTD continues to grow and add to its expertise in geophysical exploration techniques.  The company takes pride in its record of accomplishments and sucessful projects and looks foprward to further expansion of its significant role in the application of state-of-the-art technology to all aspects of resource discovery, delineation and remediation.

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For further discussion of how STRATAGEX LTD can assist in the fulfillment of your geophysical requirements, contact Jerry Roth or Rob Hearst at:

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